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What happens when pizza and Housos mix

IN TOWN: Paul Fenech and his team will perform in Ipswich on February 8.
IN TOWN: Paul Fenech and his team will perform in Ipswich on February 8.

LIVING in a politically correct world hasn't stopped Paul Fenech taking his own brand of humour to movie and television screens for over a decade.

His humour is something you either love or hate, and there's lots to choose from, including Fat Pizza, Swift & Shift Couriers and the hugely successful Housos.

Fenech is bringing his Fat Pizza & Housos Live tour to Ipswich on February 8 at Brothers and says the tour and choice of venues is a big thank you to the fans across Queensland.

"It's always wild in Ipswich, I might run for mayor one day," Fenech said from his home in Sydney while preparing to come to the sunshine state.

"I love doing live shows. Making a movie or TV show is like having a relationship while doing a live show is like having a one-night stand. They are both great fun, but it all depends what you're after!"

Appearing at Brothers alongside Fenech (aka Frankie from Housos) will be Vanessa from Sunnyvale (pictured) and award winning stand-up comedian Garry Who, plus two mystery guests.


The star of last year's cult hit Bogan Hunters on 7mate said it wasimportant to get into pubs and clubs, where you met the best characters and fans of his shows.

"I've spoken to promoters over the years who want us to do shows in casinos, and big shows," he said.

"It was limiting the audience as those places aren't cheap, and I really wanted to do people's locals as a thank you to the fans. You can't beat the characters you meet in pubs and clubs.

"I'm not scared to go out in the real Australia and meet real people. There's too many people in ivory towers talking about the western suburbs like it's a foreign country. I like to go out to Maccas, go to pubs, talk to people ... you have to know who you're talking to, otherwise you're an idiot.

"You have to know your audience."

It will be the first time in many years that cast member Garry Who has been on stage in Ipswich - a man who brings over three decades of stand up experience with him.

"Garry once won the Mo Award for best comedian in Australia, so experienced, so funny and a top bloke," Fenech said. "I've heard his set a hundred times and I still find things to laugh at."

Fenech acts, writes and directs his own work and that means he can make the shows he wants, despite the fact they are not always politically correct.

"I have done every job in TV, I used to sweep the floors when I started. I've been frustrated with writers and producers, so I like to take control myself. I don't want my ideas watered down by a committee meeting," he said.

"We are losing our Aussie sense of humour, we have stopped laughing at ourselves. Australian humour to me is making fun of anything, as long as you're not hurting anyone.

"Taking the piss out of anything is the Aussie way, as long it's not mean-spirited, but I think sadly we're being influenced by American political correctness where it's all about 'you can't say this' or 'can't say that'.

"People get offended by every little thing. It's crazy. It's making younger people compliant. They don't ask any questions, they go along 'cause they don't want to get in trouble.

"I don't want to live in a place like that, and I'm fighting it with my jokes. I'm not a politician, I'm just a comedian, it's all I can do."

See the show for yourself at Brothers when the tour arrives on Wednesday February 8 and it brings what it proclaims on the posters to be the 'comedic brilliance and New King of Rude Pauly Fenech.'

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