This should be how a truck rest stop looks

Where is the best rest stop?
Where is the best rest stop?

BALMATTUM Southbound on the Hume Highway, just before Euroa, is one of the best parking bays that truckie Benn Davis has ever encountered.

"It has a few spots at the front nearest to the highway that are well lit and are perfect for drivers having short breaks," he said.

Benn said it also had a section for cars and nomads on the other side of the amenities and a large area out the back, away from highway noise, which was unlit and perfect for drivers having an overnight rest period.

"In my humble opinion, it should be the template for all rest areas," he said.

Timothy Malden agreed and said the Hume rest areas had improved "in leaps and bounds" during the last few years.

Junior Mckenna said other highways were worse than the Hume.

"I find the Hume to have plenty of areas to pull up. Considering I spend most of my time on the other highways around the country, in which you can travel one hour in between rest locations, the Hume is like a relief to me."

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