Tenants return fire on claims they trashed house

FIGHTING BACK: Amanda Rehbein and Greg Snell have responded to claims they trashed a house.
FIGHTING BACK: Amanda Rehbein and Greg Snell have responded to claims they trashed a house. Mike Knott BUN180117SHARON6

TENANTS accused of leaving a Bargara home in a mess before a property owned by one of them was ruined by so called "tenants from hell” have hit back at landlords saying some of the claims don't hold water.

The tenants - Amanda Rehbein, who signed the lease as Amanda Hotz, and Greg Snell - lived in the Bargara home with two small children.

Ms Rehbein left the home after a month but Mr Snell was evicted by owner Scott Marsen four months later with rent in arrears.

Mr Snell said the condition of the house had nothing to do with Ms Rehbein because she wasn't living in the home at the time and Mr Marsen's claims of him leaving the house in a mess were exaggerated.

He produced an exit condition report to back up some of his claims.

The report showed all rooms needed a bond clean and there were repairs to be made but air-conditioning units claimed to be broken were checked off as in working order.

Mr Snell said he didn't believe Mr Marsen needed to replace the air-conditioners or the carpet.

Ms Rehbein said the insurance company didn't pay out on those claims because they were unnecessary.

"If Mr Marsen wanted something to complain about he should have paid my place a visit,” Ms Rehbein side.

Ms Rehbein's Sharon home was trashed by tenants leaving the single mum with a massive repair bill.

She said a wall Mr Snell pulled down in Mr Marsen's garage was nothing in comparison.

"Mr Marsen are you seriously complaining about a piece of ply in the shed storeroom temporarily put there, half a garbage bag full of newspaper, a pool chair and some stains on your carpet?”

Ms Rehbein thought Mr Marsen's property wasn't worth the $480 a week rent she paid for it.

"Mr Marsen said his home was an executive-style home when if fact it was dated and needed work carried out,” Ms Rehbein said.

The tenants made an appointment with real estate agents in charge of the property during the week and said there was no outstanding bills.

"End of story,” Ms Rehbein said.