One-eyed drug dealer finally seeing the light

Milan Sebez has been drug-free and wants to help his dad.
Milan Sebez has been drug-free and wants to help his dad. SUPPLIED

HE WAS once so addicted to heroin, he injected himself in the eye.

But a court heard Ipswich man Milan Sebez is finally showing some insight into his long-running drug problems.

Sebez, 54, was sentenced in Brisbane Supreme Court on Tuesday for drug trafficking, dangerous driving and attempting to pervert the court of justice.

Justice Peter Flanagan said drug addiction "took control" of Sebez's life after he was introduced to heroin at age 29.

The Ipswich man lost an eye after contracting an infection from injecting himself during a previous prison stint.

But the court heard that Sebez had recently been drug-free despite a long, drug-addled criminal history.

And he wanted to improve himself and look after his father, the court heard.

His mother died recently.

Sebez's drug trafficking charge related to him selling heroin at a volume the judge called "somewhat higher than street level".

He sold drugs to loyal customers in late 2015 on a "daily, sometimes multiple daily basis," Justice Flanagan added.

The driving charge followed when Sebez took off through red lights and stop signs when cops once tried apprehending him.

Later he was not truthful about the car, and was charged with attempting to pervert justice.

"You suggested to [police] that your car had in fact been stolen," the judge added.

Sebez had been in custody in Gatton lately, the court heard.

He earned some credit for early guilty pleas.

He was given six years' jail but will be eligible for parole on August 16, 2018. -NewsRegional

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