No money for a coffee, no worries

Tim Sharman and Kirstie Sharman, owners of Raw Energy.
Tim Sharman and Kirstie Sharman, owners of Raw Energy. Cordell Richardson

IF you've even been a little short for a coffee, then this Springfield Cafe will be your saviour.

Raw Energy in Springfield Central has started a pay it forward movement, recognising that not everyone's in the position to purchase a latte a day.

Run by a Ipswich husband and wife Tim and Kirstie Sharman along with Kirstie's Mum, Jeanine Buchanan Raw Energy focus on fresh food with no deep fried food available and 23 vegetarian options.

The business which has been open for nine months has opted out of the usual tips jar you see in most cafes and instead use all money donated to give back to locals.

"We have been doing it since we opened and customers are always very grateful," Mrs Sharman said.

"Mum and I use the change to buy coffees or cabinet items for people if they're having a bad day or if something exciting or positive has happened in their lives.

"It's also used if someone wanted to buy something and realise they are just short and don't have enough money, we'll make up the difference."

While it's a fantastic initiative of kind will, Mrs Sharman said that to continue she needs the support of the greater community.

Anyone can benefit from the donations and anyone can help.

"Anyone can put their spare change in the jar, which a lot of people do.

"It is something Mum wanted to do even before we opened, she has always done a lot of community service and likes to give back.

"As a cafe, we like to have this same attitude and mission, to be a part of the community not just supply food and drink."

You can find Raw Energy Springfield serving up fresh, healthy, hearty meals, juices, smoothies and award-winning coffee at 6 Yoga Way, Springfield Central.

They've also just joined UberEats and offer food for everyone including bacon and eggs and hearty burgers.

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