Mums support their own after breastfeeding shame

NATURAL: Chi Nguyen breastfeeds baby Leo in nature, recently she was shamed for breastfeeding in public but wants other mums to not be afraid.
NATURAL: Chi Nguyen breastfeeds baby Leo in nature, recently she was shamed for breastfeeding in public but wants other mums to not be afraid.

A COLLINGWOOD Park mother who was shamed for breastfeeding in public recently, has received an outpouring of support on social media.

Chi Nguyen said her breasts were her son's main source of food and comfort and other mothers agree.

Her post on the Springfield Lakes Mummies page received 217 comments and 302 likes, loves and wows.

"It was amazing how positive it was!" she said.

"My Wi-Fi was down in the afternoon so when my partner had finished work and fixed it, I was bombarded with so much love. My mood was so down but it had automatically brought a smile to my face."

Ms Nguyen now wants other mums to embrace breastfeeding and not to be scared to do it in public.

"I've never been an anxious person but every time I'm out feeding I'm always thinking am I offending anyone or am I allowed to do that here?

"But like most of the ladies said on the post it's so normal to feed a baby! They are just trying to have their food like everyone else. Hopefully one day the world will change!"

"For the mamas out there who are afraid to breastfeed don't be.

"Show the world how powerful our bodies are.

"I've always covered up but after a few supporters stating if we all don't cover then we can normalise breastfeeding, I never thought of it like that but it is the baby steps that make a difference.

While waiting for an appointment in Brisbane's Bayside she grabbed a coffee and decided to breastfeed her seven-month-old son.

"Leo is currently teething so his moods can dramatically change," she posted to social media.

"So out of the blue after giggling his little head off, he started crying/screaming.

"I tried giving him his usual teething toys, but nothing was working."

So Ms Nguyen decided to settle him with breastfeeding.

"I had forgotten my wrap and there was no toilets in the cafe."

She said there was just the staff and one other older woman in the cafe so she decided to just go for it while sitting at her table.

As soon as Leo started breastfeeding he settled instantly and stopped screaming.

"The other woman had saw I was feeding Leo and decided to share her opinion with me.

"I had apparently made her feel absolutely disgusted/ uncomfortable.

"She then went to say I have very little respect for myself and it's why my people shouldn't be allowed in this country. 

"I completely understand that yes in the past it was very frowned upon but times have changed.

"But would you rather listen to a screaming baby that sounded like he was trying to be in a heavy metal band or watch me settle my baby by doing the most natural thing."

Ms Nguyen said it was the first time anyone had ever commented about her breast feeding.

"For anyone who has had comments made or is anxious about public feeding there is a breastfeeding association group in Springfield. They also have a 24hr helpline number which is 1800 686 268.

"End of the day, you do what's best for your baby/babies!"

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