'It’s disgusting': Oakey residents fume at Turnbull's snub

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull with Groom MP John McVeigh during the PM's visit to Toowoomba.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull with Groom MP John McVeigh during the PM's visit to Toowoomba. Kevin Farmer

WHEN Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull flew into Wellcamp airport on Monday morning, he was just 15 minutes away from Jennifer Spencer's contaminated Oakey property.

She and other Oakey residents caught up in the water crisis were left fuming after the PM avoided the issue in public during his last-minute visit.

Ms Spencer placed blame on Groom MP John McVeigh, who she said failed to place emphasis on the issue to Mr Turnbull.

"He's the one who arranged the meeting with the Defence Minister previously and he knew the PM was coming to town. Why can't he just make mention of us to them?" she said.

"This is a disaster and he's treating it like it's nothing.

"We're just shoved in the corner and it's disgusting."

Mr McVeigh responded to the claims by saying the Oakey water crisis had been discussed in private, but a trip to the town was not possible due to the short notice of the visit.

"It was not possible because I was only given two days' notice," he said.

"He has expressed interest in visiting in the future.

"The Prime Minister was briefed on the investigations around that and he wanted to know about the landholders and how they were feeling.

"He is very concerned and he and I have been discussing it since my election in July last year on a regular basis."

The Prime Minister did not speak on the issue during his press conference at Vanguard Laundry Services, instead focusing on major infrastructure projects like the Second Range Crossing.

Fellow Oakey resident Dianne Priddle fought hard to get an audience with the Prime Minister's advisors in Canberra in November, which she said was not arranged through Mr McVeigh.

Ms Priddle said her local member did not step up when it counted.

"We need to see some action (from the Government), otherwise 2017 will be here and gone," she said.

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