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Ipswich cup by the numbers

The Ipswich Cup crowd will consume 231,000 beverages.
The Ipswich Cup crowd will consume 231,000 beverages. Franca Tigani

Steve Harling from the Ipswich Turf Club has shared some amazing figures when it comes to what is required to stage the event.

Some of these might surprise you!

  • 150,000 ready to drink alcoholic beverages will be consumed
  • 50,000 Stubbies of beer will also be drunk
  • 20,000 people are expected on the day
  • 16,000 Cans of soft drink will be downed by patrons
  • 15,000 glasses of wine will be drunk
  • 14,000 meals will be served
  • 7000 plastic chairs will be dotted around the grounds
  • 5000 square metres of marquee space will be hired
  • 800 kilowatts of extra power will be on hand to cope with the demand
  • 700 kilograms of hot chips will be cooked on the day
  • 400 temporary staff will work the Ipswich Cup
  • 200 Portaloos will be shipped in for the day
  • 40 cold rooms will be imported to keep the drinks cold
  • 10 generators will be fired up
  • 3 km of temporary fencing
  • 1 kilometre of extension cords will be in operation

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