Help find old Peter a new home

Peter the cat needs a new home.
Peter the cat needs a new home.

PETER the cat needs a new home.

His elderly owner, has moved into an aged care home and like many others in the same situation now needs someone to look after their pet.

Glenda Summerville posted Peter's heartfelt story online recently. She said Peter is her mother's beloved pet cat.

"Hi everyone my name is Peter. I have a very sad story to tell everyone," she posted.

"My long time owner has had to go into an aged care home.

"Unfortunately I don't have another home to go to and my owner doesn't want me to go to the RSPCA. 

"So I am desperately trying to find a new home to care for me.. I'm not a young chicken as I'm 14 years old.

"I am very healthy and still active. I love my food and eat just about anything.

"I have a very placid nature and love any one who visits me. 

"I have a gentle soft manner and spend most of my day sitting on the lounge with my owner watching TV. 

"We go out side for walks and sit in the sun and I sleep on the end of her bed at night on my blanket. 

"So at the moment I am living at my owners home on my own and I'm very lonely, but I am being looked after every day by my human Aunties who come and feed me, brush me and give me cuddles and love.

"Unfortunately they are not in a position to adopt me.

"So I need to move out soon, as the home will be rented again to new people.

"If there is any one who think they can adopt me, I will have a whole bunch of important cat goodies to come with me, such as cat food, biscuits and treats, Advantage, Exelpet, Revolution, Kitty Litter, cat tray, brush for my coat and also a current vaccination certificate.

"Oh just one more thing I'm a little deaf, but I know what your saying and I talk a lot. 

"If you would like to make an appointment to meet me, I live at Brassall, so please call my Aunty on 0412553576. 

"I look forward to meeting you and hopefully moving into a loving new home, bye for now. Peter."

The RSPCA say they are not in a position to take on any animals at this time as the Wacol and Ipswich depots were full.

A spokesman encouraged people to look into their pet legacy program which, for a small portion of your estate, would see them look after your pet until they can be re-homed.

For information on bequests and legacies call the RSPCA on 3426 9937.

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