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BACK TO BASICS: Shrek Jnr has had some help from two of Australian theatre's international success stories, Brendan and David Rock.
BACK TO BASICS: Shrek Jnr has had some help from two of Australian theatre's international success stories, Brendan and David Rock. Renee Albrecht

"YOU'LL hate me in Storm Boy," actor Brendan Rock said in Gympie on Thursday.

He plays the easy-to-hate hunter in the Australian classic's remake, starring Geoffrey Rush and Jai Courtney.

And he will soon appear in the web series The Big Nothing, after winning best performance in South Australia for a film called Nuts and having numerous roles with the State Theatre Company of South Australia.

He is here with twin brother and fellow movie, online and TV star, David.

David's credits include the Foxtel mini series Childhood's End, guest appearances on the ABC series Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, and he's spent more than a year in China working on films.

The brothers were here to pay some dues to the man who more-or-less discovered them, Gympie theatre identity Peter Blythe, whose production of Shrek JR the Musical opens at the Civic Centre on Friday.

"We lived on the Sunshine Coast about 20 years ago and Peter was directing a production of Me and My Girl for the Buderim Amateur Theatre Society," David said.

David played the lead and, in one of those coincidences we often hear about twins, Brendan did the same role in the same play about a month later in South Australia.

"He stole all my ideas," Mr Blythe said with a laugh.

"I recognised they had a bit of a flair and urged them to try to get into NIDA or WAAPA," he said.

Both ended up studying at the Flinders University Drama School.

They have even appeared together in the South Australian State Theatre Company's The Dumb Waiter and TV series, Jack Irish and Plonk.

So last week they were giving the student actors in Mr Blythe's version of Shrek Jr a bit of good advice, from the professional side of the acting world.

It was an interesting experience interviewing the twins, who do their best not to look identical.

But they do tend to finish each other's sentences.

So what were they doing?

Brendan: "Peter got us up here because, well, Peter's getting older and...

David: "Peter can't move around on the stage as much as he used to. It's a bit of tutoring."

Brendan: "... a lot of workshopping..."

David: "The intentions behind the lines and stuff like that... They know where they've got to stand but...

Brendan: "But (they have to know) why?

David: "There, there's got to be a reason. That's what gets the lines into your body and makes it real and makes the audience participate."

David: "We've been with (the cast) for the last four or five days and they're..."

Brendan: "Fantastic."

The show starts a three-day season at 7pm Friday and continues at 11am and 4pm next Saturday and Sunday. Tickets can be purchased from Musician's Garage in Mary Street (5483 7879).

And, we can reveal the new Storm Boy is not as sad as the last original.

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