Fighting for fresh food

HIGH QUALITY: Rohan and Fiona Morris call the Goomburra Valley home.
HIGH QUALITY: Rohan and Fiona Morris call the Goomburra Valley home. Amy Walker

FOOD. A tradition.

What a simple, yet astounding notion. A notion that leads you to consider investing in your wellness with wholesome food, seasonal flavours and a greater education about the produce you're consuming.

Yesterday I met the Morris family, Rohan and Fiona and their two children Eden and Jethro.

Four people who are creating a lifestyle in honour of these values and who now call the Goomburra Valley home.

"We really want to fight for real food," said Fiona.

"We are creating a farm that is as diverse, with breeds and species, those specific to food production because what they provide and produce is such high quality.

"We have learned about the value of breeds for flavour."

All of the animals on the Morris' Gleneden Farm have been selected based on their environmental suitability, genetics and production potential.

The pigs are Wessex Saddleback pigs, a grazing pig more than a digging pig, they move around the farm fertilising as they go.

Continuing the holistic approach are portable chook pens of which you'll find Brown Leghorn and Plymouth Rock varieties and then there are the Toggenburg dairy goats and Shorthorn dairy cows.

Currently, Gleneden Farm produces are range of pastured pork of which they sell direct to customers but their couple have plans for their productive farm.

"One of our dreams would be to be able to sell our goats cheese," said Fiona.

"And one of the reasons we chose the property was its potential for small-scale cereal crop production," added Rohan.

Rohan and Fiona will be at this Saturday's Seasonal Feast Market in Warwick, in the Art Gallery courtyard, with their pork products.

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