Family team behind popular new health food store

Raw Energy Springfield owners Kirstie Sharman, Tim Sharman and Jeanine Buchanan.
Raw Energy Springfield owners Kirstie Sharman, Tim Sharman and Jeanine Buchanan. Rob Williams

ONE mother and daughter are bringing their love of nutrition and community to Springfield with their new health food franchise.

Kirstie and mum Jeanine are joining forces to bring popular health food store Raw Energy to the region.

Both Jeanine and Kirstie have a range of experience in both hospitality and nutrition and are looking forward to providing a new alternative to Springfield's eating options.

"I studied nutritional medicine at university and then once I finished that I wasn't quite sure what to do, so I've been working in pharmacy and retail and looking after vitamins and that kind of thing," Kirstie said.

"I ran the Camira State School tuckshop for around 13 years and have had hundreds of different hospitality jobs before that," Jeanine said.

"I've also co-run a 100-person camp in the past, so I've got lots of experience making food for lots of people.

"We chose Raw Energy because we're all big foodies and we like to go out as well as cooking at home and we've always known about the brand and just thought it would be cool to open a café and saw they were looking for people," Kirstie said.

"It's also the right philosophy, it's all about fresh food and it's made in-house, so it's not brought in from anywhere else and caters to everyone."

Raw Energy Springfield will open for breakfast and lunch, seven days a week and will be located in the GE Building overlooking the Orion Lagoon.

The opening of the new restaurant comes amidst recent concerns from some Springfield residents regarding the lack of healthy food options in the area.

Kirstie said she hoped the community would embrace the new store and was even looking at holding nutrition workshops for people to assist them with meal ideas for their family.

"Raw Energy started out based on raw foods, but has evolved over time so that now the main idea is that the food is based on the raw ingredient and everything is made from scratch and is free-range and organic where possible rather than processed," she said.

"Kirstie being a qualified nutritionist, we thought she could give talks on nutrition and also talk to mums with bubs to teach them how they can start meals from scratch.

"That's something I did years ago at the Springfield Lakes Community Centre in its hey-day and where we ran courses on how to make food from scratch and I even co-wrote a cook book which wasn't published but just used for the centre.

"We all have different skills which we thought would benefit the café and the community," said Kirstie.

Raw Energy Springfield is due to open September 2.

To find out more about the store, visit their Instagram or Facebook pages.

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