Do we have the most powerful passport?

AUSTRALIANS might live in the best place on earth but our passport is not as powerful as we would like to believe.

The annual Passport Index compiled by Arton Capital, examines the power of every nation's "key to the world" based on how many countries that can be visited without applying for a visa.

For the third year running, Germany was ranked number one, providing entry to 157 countries, one more than both Singapore and Sweden.

Plenty to smile about: German travellers have the most powerful passports in the world.
Plenty to smile about: German travellers have the most powerful passports in the world. News Corp Australia

A clutch of countries ranked third with 155 - including the UK, the US, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland and Spain.

Australia managed sixth place along with Greece and South Korea, with an Aussie passport opening doors to 152 countries.

At the other end of the scale, Afghanistan had the most worthless passport, followed by Pakistan, Iraq and Syria with fewer than 30 countries granting visa-free access to citizens of those places.


  1. Germany (158) *
  2. Sweden (157)
  3. Singapore (157)
  4. Denmark (156)
  5. Finland (156)
  6. France (156)
  7. Spain (156)
  8. Switzerland (156)
  9. Norway (156)
  10. United Kingdom (156)
  11. United States of America (156)
  12. Italy (155)
  13. Netherlands (155)
  14. Belgium (155)
  15. Austria (155)
  16. Luxembourg (155)
  17. Portugal (155)
  18. Japan (155)
  19. Malaysia (154)
  20. Ireland (154)
  21. Canada (154)
  22. New Zealand (154)
  23. Greece (153)
  24. South Korea (153)
  25. Australia (153)

*Number in brackets refers to the total number of countries and regions that passport holders can travel to without getting a visa, including visa-free and visa on arrival destinations

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