Climate change deniers full of hot air

HEAT IS ON: David Harris says the world is getting hotter.
HEAT IS ON: David Harris says the world is getting hotter. Bev Lacey

DOCTOR Clare Rudkin and myself with a post graduate research in glaciology are presumably the idiots with death wishes that Mr Forbes referred to (QT 6/01).

Once again, Mr Forbes gives us no clues as to where his ridiculous mish-mash of illogical ideas come from.

It is emotive clap trap mixed with some minor allusions to the truth.

Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story.

I doubt Mr Forbes would avail himself of articles like the research article by Mark Fischetti writing in Scientific American (12/02/16).

It contains a simple summary of jet streams, global warming and the increase of wild weather.

We have had 47C in Sydney and -40C in many places in the northern hemisphere.

Get the picture?

I am still looking hard for any coal supporters to deal with the fact 38 billion tonnes of carbon is poured into the atmosphere annually.

Fortunately, the few climate change deniers left will soon be discarded into the dustbin of history.

Let's hope we leave the planet in better shape for our children and not have to face them asking us why we took so long to mitigate anthropogenic poisoning of the Earth.


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