Break-in victim expects offender to return

BREAK-IN: Wondai resident, Debbie Simpson fears the offender will return.
BREAK-IN: Wondai resident, Debbie Simpson fears the offender will return. Contributed

ON Friday September 14, Wondai resident Debbie Simpson came home after work to find someone had entered her house and taken various belongings including her spare car key.

Miss Simpson said she is now too scared to stay at home with her three primary school aged children for fear the culprit will return to steal her car.

"I am terrified to stay in the house, what if they come back during the night and steal my car?" she said.

Miss Simpson, who has only had her car for three weeks said this was the last thing she needed at the moment.

"I really can't afford to replace things at the moment, I don't have a whole lot of expensive things," she said.

The Hines St resident said she feels for her three children aged from four to eight who are quite concerned after the ordeal.

"The kids were getting quite upset when I was talking to my mum about the incident on the phone last night," Miss Simpson said.

For extra piece of mind, the disability support worker said she would be investing in a security camera.

"I haven't heard of anything like this happening in our area before, but I hope to stop it from happening again," she said.

The Wondai resident said she was less concerned about the items going missing compared to the frightening fact that someone had been in her house uninvited.

"The thing that scares me is that someone was in my house without me knowing about it," Miss Simpson said.

"I am still feeling very uneasy about that."

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