All class from Djokovic after shock defeat

NOVAK Djokovic would not have expected to be on the losing end of his encounter with Denis Istomin on Thursday, but that was the unusual situation he found himself in.

The world No. 2 and six-time Australian Open champion was undone in five sets by the man ranked 115 places below him. He had every right to be filthy.

But he wasn't. Sure, he was disappointed, but she showed absolute class in how he handled his shock defeat.

He had a lengthier than normal exchange with Istomin at the net at the end of the match, saying: "I'm really happy for you."

"Class from Novak Djokovic - a word of congratulations at the net for Denis Istomin," Channel Seven's Hamish McLachlan said.


Novak Djokovic reacts during his match against Denis Istomin
Novak Djokovic reacts during his match against Denis Istomin FILIP SINGER

He then smiled and acknowledged the crowd as he walked off the court.

He also didn't sit around and sulk in the locker room, heading straight to his post-match press conference where he answered questions honestly, constantly praising the 30-year-old from Uzbekistan.

"All the credit to Denis for playing amazing. He deserved to win. No doubt, he was a better player in the clutch moments. He stepped it up, played aggressive. Served very well, very precise. There's not much I could do," Djokovic said.

"Wherever he needed, he came

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