ONE CAR TWO CRITICS: Family test Nissan X-Trail TL Diesel

Nissan’s X-Trail is an ever reliable SUV that is also an ideal family all-rounder.

iPhone XS Max review: The price for a great photo?

The iPhone Xs Max takes some beautiful photos.

For me, the camera is always the main consideration in a phone

Diet drive: World first calorie burning car

FitCar PPV prototype uses pedals to control the car’s acceleration.

“There are several options to further develop and evolve the project"

Food worker fired for sickening act

Food worker fired for spitting in food. Picture: Nell May/Instagram

A FOOD stand employee has been fired after vile footage emerged of him...

Best and worst Brownlow looks

Nadia Bartel on the 2018 Brownlow red carpet. Pic: Michael Klein

'Like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're going to get'

Uber adds triple-0 calls to its app

Ride-sharing company Uber will introduce an emergency calling feature into its app. Picture: AP

AUSTRALIAN Uber riders will be able to call police for help from within its app.

Deadly snake slithers into family car

Noosa snake catcher Luke Huntley holding his pet red belly black snake, Russell.

Snake catcher's marathon battle to pull deadly snake from family car

Bali nightmare after woman’s horror discovery

Expat Kristen Dineen (left) received a shock diagnosis in Bali. Picture: GoFundMe

Why travel insurance won’t cover this young woman after diagnosis

Pizza Hut to give away free pizzas

IF YOU have made the commitment to go on a diet you may want to suspend that for a spell. Pizza Hut are about to give away 18,000 free pizzas across Australia.

Vegie provides some ancient appeal

Peter Kuruvita's Afghan okra stew. Images and recipes from Lands of the Curry Leaf by Peter Kuruvita, Murdoch Books, RRP $49.99 Photography by Alan Benson.

Okra, a vegetable with a fascinating history, makes a great stew.

Break out the alcohol for Christmas baking

These simple shortbread biscuits have a little whisky added to create a delicious complexity.

It's time to start planning your Christmas kitchen projects.

Family history inspires chef's new book

Chef, restaurateur and TV personality Peter Kuruvita.

Peter Kuruvita explains the power of food to bring people together.

Strawberry popularity soars amid needle fears

Lily Dalitz enjoys some strawberries at her family's Uraidla property. Picture: Bianca De Marchi

TOUGH new laws for food tamperers and a drastic spike in recipe searches involving...

8 steps to boosting your brain power, beating dementia

Dr Helena Popovic is a medical doctor, leading authority on improving brain function, best-selling author, international speaker and media commentator.

Sleep deprivation is costing industry billions, says doctor

Supermarket milk price hike to help farmers

Woolworths is upping the price of its homebrand milk. Picture: Getty

THE supermarket giants are hiking the price of milk to help the farmers.

Suburbs at risk in housing crash

IN THE event of a housing market crash, which even the PM concedes is a possibility, the effects won’t be felt equally across the nation.

Tip to cut your laundry time in half

Adding white vinegar to your load of washing can act as an effective fabric softener

A CLEANING guru has revealed these simple tips and tricks.

Reclaim your sense of style with rustic twist

Reclaimed style by The Artist Residence Hotel, Penzance, Cornwall, UK.

Second life for once-used materials is nod to sustainable living.

The deal that broke The Block

Carla and Bianca won half the cash, after making a deal with Jess. Source: The Block

“I don’t think they’ll think it’s fair what we’ve done”

Evergreen has a flair for the dramatic

For a dazzling range of leaf colours and patterns, look no further than the Chinese evergreen.

Lovely scent of nature's perfume

Pinnate boronia flowers.

Capture boronia's exquisite sweet and fruity fragrance in garden.

Berry tempting backyard delight

Blueberries generally prefer warm days and cool nights.

Fresh blueberries are a great addition to the garden.

Enjoy the fleeting beauty of daylilies

The daylily's flower just lasts for one day.

It's time to make the most of these hardy, low-maintenance plants.

Go troppo with bananas

Bananas are great for muffins, cakes, smoothies and fruit salads.

Grow your own plant of one of Australia's most popular fruits.

Shorty shastas grow best in full sun

Leucanthemum daisy.

These tough little daisy hybrids flower profusely.

GALLERY: Agnes Water's quirky bus house up for sale

BUS HOME: The property at Lot 324 Watkins Road is for sale and comes with a liveable bus.

Could this be one of the funkiest properties in Queensland?

$10 suitcase trick frequent flyers swear by

HOW can people travel so much but never get stung by excess baggage fees? This is how.

Life in an Embassy: ‘Please pay for my prostitute’

THE man came to the Australian Embassy with a hat in hand asking for taxpayer support to pay for a lady of the night - fortunately, the request was declined.

“A lot of people don’t understand what we do"

CLUES: Final MH370 moments revealed

Drain the Oceans details the final moments of MH370. Picture: National Geographic

THE final moments of doomed Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have been traced in a...

Endeavour adventure for the high seas

SETTING SAIL: Sidney Stuart, 16, from Gladstone, will be boarding the STS  Young Endeavour as it voyages south to Brisbane.

STS Young Endeavour spent several days berthed at Gladstone Marina

River city serves up a cultural feast

The Riverfire fireworks display is one of the major spring events in Brisbane. Supplied by Aruga PR.

Brisbane Festival transforms the state's capital into a vibrant hub.

Straight to the heart of sunburnt country

Sea Air Aviation on the Gold Coast are offering outback tours in the comfort of a 14-seater Cessna Caravan airplane.

New aerial adventure makes outback more accessible than ever.

You had one job! Airline’s embarrassing blunder

Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong’s premiere airline, recently admitted to getting its own name wrong. Picture: Cathay Pacific

Airline Cathay Pacific made a gigantic typo.

The Chase star opens up about having Asperger’s

THE Governess, whose real name is Anne Hegerty, has spoken about having Asperger’s syndrome and how it affects her daily life.

Move that could’ve saved Karl

Karl Stefanovic is under incredible pressure after two years of horror publicity and a decline in Today’s ratings. Picture: Glenn Hampson

“He was clearly absolutely buggered with it"

Hanson’s new Aussie tour with a musical twist

US band Hanson are touring again. L-R: Taylor, Zac and Isaac

US pop group Hanson's next Australian tour comes with an orchestra.

Crazy words you can now play in Scrabble

Saddle up you spelling-savvy wordsmiths, because Scrabble just got a brand new hipster makeover.

SCRABBLE has added hundreds of new words to its list of terms.

Chris Brown thrown by personal question on HYBPA

Dr Chris Brown at the 60th TV Week Logie Awards at The Star Gold Coast. Picture: AAP Image/Josh Woning

Panellists tease TV vet about Bachelor rumours.

Asia Argento: ‘Bourdain cheated on me too’

Asia Argento speaks out: ‘Bourdain cheated on me too’.

“People say I murdered him. They say I killed him."

Why Kaley really doesn’t want Big Bang to end

Kaley Cuoco. Picture: Getty Images/AFP

BIG Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco really doesn’t want the show to end.

It's all about sunset sessions this season

Take your pick from a cocktail of colour and start dreaming about summer days and balmy nights.

J Lo flaunts incredible figure in swimsuit

Jennifer Lopez doesn't look a day out of her twenties

SHE might be almost 50 but Jennifer Lopez still looks in her 20s.

Star’s secret to looking so good at 71

Susan Lucci. Picture: Getty

“I try to take one day off, because you’re supposed to take a day off"

Warning over deadly eyeliner making kids sick

More than 7400 eyeliner products have been pulled off the shelves

Australians are being told to immediately stop using this eyeliner.

Jennifer Lawrence’s secret life online

Jennifer Lawrence has revealed she’s got private accounts on social media. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

DESPITE swearing she’d never sign up, the actress is on social media

Disgust at ‘sick’ jumper slogan

Retailer slammed for 'sick' jumper. Picture: Felicity Hayward/Twitter

Outrage over ‘sick’ jumper slogan

$89 bike shorts breaking the internet

These $89 Stylerunner x Vogue bike shorts that are breaking the internet. Picture:

Aussie demand for the sporty garment has hit an all-time high.

Easy way to save $622 a year

THIS website has helped about 1600 people shave an average of $622 off their annual bills — and there’s only a slight catch.

Woolies fan gets logo tattooed on hand

Surely she’d never walk into a Coles with this on her hand. Picture: Caters News.

“I have absolutely no regrets"

Outrage over Coles trolley ban

Coles has banned trolleys from some self-serve check-outs in select stores. Picture: iStock

“unpleasant paying experience”

How much? Would you pay $16 for a cup of coffee?

Kristen says the $16 coffee is worth trying, even if it’s only once.

That’s about $80 if you buy a cup every work day.

Telcos put on notice over 'unlimited data' mobile deals

The big telcos have been warned about promoting 'unlimited' data plans.

ACCC warns executives may face action for approving misleading ads

Fake food hitting shop shelves

Honey is just one of several products that can be passed off as the real thing by food fraudsters. Picture: istock

IT’S happening right now in plain sight.

Barefoot Investor’s dire warning for parents

Barefoot Investor Scott Pape. Picture: Jason Edwards

"As a parent, the days are long, but the years are quick"

‘My breast implant almost killed me’

JULIA Martin’s surgeon reinserted a used breast implant. Her next five years were horrific.

‘Disgraceful decision’ to reject $2.3m payment

Denishar Woods was shocked with up to 230 volts after she touched the live tap in her family’s public housing property in March this year.

“We should not be in this deplorable position"

Doctor’s strange find in boy’s penis

An X-Ray of the pen tip lodged inside the boy. Picture: British Medical Journal Case Reports

Doctors believe this is the first case of it’s kind.

Why this horror ‘abuse’ caught on hidden camera was OK

One of the staff can be seen pushing Jean Robins down on her head. Picture: ABC

Hidden camera footage exposes distressing treatment

New parents need to know of this condition and the signs

Follow your gut instinct. No matter what anyone tells you.

Anti-vaxxers target baby products in Aussie stores

The sticker that someone attached to baby products in the store. Kidspot has blacked out the website so they don't get more publicity. Picture: supplied.

A mum shopping was shocked to find the stickers on several products

"This is what I did for this lady"

Dr Lancee admitted to helping a number of patients die. Picture: 60 Minutes.

Doctors admitted they helped patients end their lives

Frank warning to parents who abduct their own kids

A LAW firm has issued a scathing message to parents who abduct their own children in defiance of court orders; you get what you deserve.

Kids 'doing nothing' for pocket money warning

Scott Pape, The Barefoot Investor. Picture: Ian Currie

Barefoot Investor Scott Pape says kids must work to get pocket money

Father’s Day card reveals husband’s double life

A woman’s shocking discovery revealed her husband’s secret double life with a whole other family.

A HIDDEN Father’s Day card unravelled one woman’s marriage.

Mum’s terrifying find in baby’s room

A brown snake climbed into the window. Picture: 9News

The last thing a parent wants to find in their child's bedroom

The baby names falling out of favour in 2018

South Australians are conservative at heart when it comes to baby names.

It's like travelling back in time to the 80s or 90s.

'My wife thinks we're trying for a baby, I'm sabotaging it'

A paternally reluctant dude shared a post detailing his situation

'If I had listened to the doctors, my baby would be dead'

She knew something was wrong when her newborn wouldn't stop crying

The latest wedding fad people are wasting fortunes on

ALLEN Shi went from nothing to a self-made billionaire in less than eight years, all thanks to this insane trend.

‘What I learnt sleeping with bisexual guys’

Over the last six years that I’ve been single, I have dated two bi guys and had sex with one. My longest relationship was with the first man who told me he was bisexual.

Katy has slept with a few bisexual men and has some news for you

This is the worst Australian city to find a date

This is the worst city in Australia if you’re trying to date.

This sums up exactly what’s wrong with one Aussie city

Bikie assault: ‘He took pictures and he was laughing’

Cheyane Lubec was allegedly abducted and assaulted for two days by her bikie ex.

CHEYANE Lubec was allegedly abducted, stripped naked, tied to a pole