Surprising rebirth of Land Rover Defender

THE British brand’s old workhorse off-roader is set for a major shake-up but one start-up wants to preserve its heritage.

Simple way to avoid annoying mozzies

As we ate some of the best tacos I'd come across in Mexico, the sound of buzzing was non-existent. There was a three-ingredient reason why.

I’d found their happy place.

$39 Bunnings item flying off shelves

Bunnings has confirmed it plans to expand its current store in Takalvan St, following the approval of a new Masters store in the city.

Excited fans have taken to Facebook to share the discovery

What would have chomped on a creature like this?

Abalone diver Jay Haagmans believes an even bigger great white that chomped on the unlucky creature.

Abalone diver finds half-eaten great white shark off Flinders Island

Simple way mum saved $1500

Kylie has shared her secret to saving $1500.

This family went from saving nothing to saving $1500 a month

SURVEY: Seven out of 10 drivers afraid of driverless cars

Driverless cars are still a long way off becoming a reality.

Study in the United States shows most fear the new technology.

‘I didn’t put my baby down for 7 months’

Deianna couldn't put her son Elijah down for the first seven months of his life. Picture: Instagram

New mum so crippled by anxiety she couldn’t put her bub down

The perfect car for dog owners

A reader is finding it hard to get a vehicle big enough to fit their two pooches.

Looking for a chariot for two dogs.

Major change for Red Rooster fans

It has taken more than 45 years, but Red Rooster has finally introduced a food item to rival Macca’s, KFC and Hungry Jacks.

Ramsay’s ‘revolting’ vegan dish blasted

Gordon Ramsay’s vegan roast dinner has been blasted online.

People have got beef with this vegan dish.

Hippy cafe’s ‘sick’ $8 smoothie

The Colostrum Shake will set you back $8 at the Roadhouse Cafe. Picture: Instagram

Byron Bay cafe serves up ‘sick’ colostrum smoothies

Aldi’s $2 BBQ item Aussies adore

Add Tomusto Sauce to your next BBQ for just $2. Picture: Facebook

The $2 Aldi find that people are going mental over

Weird stuff pizza delivery drivers see

Weirdest things pizza delivery drivers see.

They have no idea what’s going to be on the other side of the door.

Pancake tacos, breakfast of champions

Pancake tacos, the breakfast of champions. Picture: Tristan Lutze

One of brunch’s biggest challenges has finally been solved

Aussie treats taking on Zooper Doopers

David Alexander launched Naked Life in December 2016. Picture: Supplied

The Melbourne start-up taking on Zooper Doopers

‘Unbelievable’ cheap reno transforms home

A surprisingly simple makeover transformed this unsellable home from a dated “mess” to a gorgeous space — and it sold for a pretty profit.

Genius hack promises wrinkle-free clothes

So cheap, so easy, so effective. Picture: Josephine Agostino

If you hate ironing, you’re not alone.

Kmart’s ‘amazing’ $39 storage fix

The footstool comes with in-built storage. Picture: Kmart

The living room is an absolute disaster.

It's time for a trim to keep your bottlebrush lush

Prune as soon as possible after bottlebrush flowering has finished to allow stems to grow for next spring's flowers.

Tropical delight that thrives for many months

The spectacular mussaenda.

A mussaenda can flower from September to May in this climate.

Nine indoor plants you (hopefully) can’t kill

Air plants are (almost) indestructible

Are you a plant killer? There's hope for you yet

Take the fun outside during summer break

Recycled household items can be used to build a scarecrow with the kids.

It's the perfect time to get your little ones outdoors.

It's the perfect time for garden immersion

Angel's trumpet has masses of huge pendulous trumpets that are heavily scented.

Plant yourself in the backyard to really enjoy a summer's night.

Summer survival guide to keep garden going

We're entering the hottest time of the year now, so we need to pay extra attention to ensuring that plants have enough water to survive the heat without damage.

Water is the key to surviving the heat

Get the little ones dirty these school holidays

Encourage your kids to head outdoors during the school holidays.

Playing with dirt scientifically proven to release happy chemicals.

‘Pathetic woman … put a jacket on’

The woman threatened with being kicked off a flight because of her crop top has been slammed on social media after appearing on a TV show.

The economy seat we’ve all been waiting for

An airline in the UK has opened up a new way for flying for economy passengers. Picture: Thomas Cook Airlines

This new seat-to-bed service is a total game-changer.

I broke the one rule of taxi etiquette

Why I always choose the front seat.

When it comes to getting cabs on holiday this traveller has one rule

Storms cause chaos at Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport is in chaos following severe storms across the city on Thursday.

Sydney Airport is in battle mode.

New travel warning over measles

NSW Health has issued a new measles warning.

The man required hospitalisation for his symptoms

The map that forced Trump’s hand

The map showing how the US is ignoring a global trend.

Map shows how grounded Boeing aircraft have swept the world

Trapped Australian’s 48 days of hell

Yang Hengjun has been detained in China.

It is a tale of two men in serious trouble.

Fans mock Brad and Leo’s movie poster

Fans say something’s not quite right about the poster for Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio’s new movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Shameless cheaters air affair in risky act


THE MAFS cheaters have taken their affair to the next level.

Oliver’s brutal Fraser Anning sledge

John OIiver gets stuck into Fraser Anning.

John Oliver defends ‘Egg Boy’ as he slams Senator Fraser Anning.

Three words GoT stars don’t want to hear

Kit Harington probably got the ‘prosthetics’ tap on the shoulder too

Secret sign your Game of Thrones character would be killed off.

MAFS, it’s time to get rid of Jessika

Jessika has just one reason she wants to stay on the show — and it’s not her ‘husband’. Picture: Supplied

For the love of Mick, it’s time to get rid of Jessika

MAFS star ‘leaked his own sex tape’

Cyrell and Nic on Married At First Sight

Cyrell Paule has made bombshell new claims about her “husband” Nic.

Nicole Kidman abruptly ends Jackie O interview

Jackie O had a short-lived conversation with Nicole Kidman.

INTERVIEW quickly shut down after touchy question.

Model slammed over ‘gross’ monobrow

A Greek-Cypriot model who has one very distinct feature has been abused and received death threats over her unique look.

$25 Kmart item ‘flying off shelves’

$25 Kmart item is flying off the shelves.

Bargain hunters are loving a $25 Kmart polka dot dress

‘Buckle’ bikini takes micro trend to fun new levels

A fun bit of clothing has people clutching their pearls.

Tiny bikinis may be fun, but this one's kinda clever

$20m beauty empire we’ve never heard of

G & M Cosmetics was founded in 1996 with just $10,000. Picture: Instagram @gandmcosmetics

The $5 products behind an Aussie family’s fortune

Genius bargain from $20m Aussie brand

The body scrubs and lotions that will leave you feeling smooth AF

The Beauty Diary by Beck Sullivan: Body scrubs and lotions

Miss Teen Universe dead at 20

Lotte van der Zee, a Dutch beauty queen and former Teen Miss Universe, died at the age of 20 after suffering cardiac arrest on a skiing holiday. Pic: Instagram

Miss Teen Universe Lotte van der Zee, 20, died after suffering cardiac arrest on...

‘Painful’ bikini trend confuses internet

The daring styles are back for 2019.

Some see crazy fashion, some see fantastic art - what do you see?

Hidden spot putting Australia to shame

Spluring on items you can’t get at home is many of our favourite things about holidays. And this little-known destination is better than anywhere.

Major retailer may have to shut 60 stores

"The market may like the removal of uncertain downside given the challenging industry outlook," it said.

Closing 60 stores would come at a massive cost

Samsung's $1500 gift to lure you into 8K television

8K: Samsung is taking pre-orders for its new TVs.

Prices will start at $9999 for 65 inch model and go to $17,499

Mum’s X-rated Kmart hack goes viral


“It aint his nose on his face that’s runny.”

Ray Martin praises 'magic' of Panasonic Lumix S Series

Veteran journalist Ray Martin joins a 'wedding shoot' as part of the launch of the Lumix S Series cameras at Mona in Hobart, Tasmania.

Television personality has owned almost every Lumix camera produced

iPhone photo tips and tricks to make the most of your camera

Sydney Mardi Gras Shot on iPhone XS.

Colour of Sydney Mardis Gras captured on iPhone

Viral Coles photo sparks outrage

Supermarkets insist there is no baby formula shortage. Picture: Joel Carrett/AAP

‘Never been so disgusted’

10 practical ways you can start to overcome depression

DEPRESSION and anxiety are common conditions, but a former GP says there are many ways to start on the road to recovery.

Granddad’s hunky weight loss transformation

Vince Condello, a popular fruit and vegetable business owner in Melbourne, has lost a staggering 83kgs so he could donate a kidney to his son.

Selfless reason why he did it will make you even happier for him

Horror as star suddenly drops limp

Italian referee Paolo Valeri (Rear) and staff call for medics after Napoli's Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina (Bottom) lost consciousness after sustaining a head injury during the Italian Serie A football match Napoli vs Udinese at the San Paolo stadium in Naples. (Photo by Carlo Hermann / AFP)

This is the scary moment an Arsenal star drops unconscious

Joey Johns’ shocking health condition

Andrew Johns speaks out on his epilepsy and history of concussions.

NRL immortal Andrew Johns admits concussions could have caused his epilepsy

Hazel hits a healthy 105 years

CONGRATULATIONS HAZEL: Hazel Macqueen turned 105 on March 14 and her birthday was celebrated with her son Ross Macqueen and daughter Loyis Flannery at the Whiddon home in Casino.

Hard work, no booze, no ciggies, secret to long life

Weird reason you’re not sleeping

Sleep specialist Dr Justin Hundloe blames Netflix for the reason why 1.5 million Australian’s are suffering at night.

“It’s so easy to get hooked on a new show and stay up late"

Hidden danger of modern cars

A new study believes that too much reliance on driver aids is not good.

"It’s the 1980s all over again.”

'I knew there was something different about my sleepy boy'

"He’d sleep through the night, and was very calm, but as the months progressed, I was concerned... his head was much larger than other babies."

‘Self-important’ parent shamed over park

The dad slammed the other parent for their poor parking skills.

Dad shames motorist for taking up two parent parking spots

Turning point changed ‘Octomum’ forever

Octomum Nadya Suleman in 2010 and her large family in West Hollywood, California. Picture: Toby Canham

Natalie Suleman reveals the moment she decided to ditch ‘Octomom’

Mum slammed for leaving five year old at home with oven on

The mother thought it was fine to leave her oven on with her 5-year-old son in the house alone.

“A five-year-old is perfectly capable of fending for himself"

'ParentsNext wants me to go to playgroup. Without my kids'

The program, which has been under intense fire over the past few weeks, requires Julie to attend story time or play group.

That is exactly the kind of help I am looking for.

’Horrible’ baby name splits parents

A woman has sparked debate after she took to Reddit asking for peoples’ opinion her choice of baby name for a girl.

The unusual choice attracted a lot of comments

Man’s bizarre dating ‘survival guide’

A MAN created an intensive guide to help his “bros” date the “right woman” — based purely on a random aesthetic quality.

Brutal reason man dumped his date

The 20-year-old woman was accused of catfishing by a 'potential boyfriend' after she covered her acne with make-up. Picture: Reddit

“He told me that I lead him on and that I’m catfishing guys"

‘I let my friends choose my boyfriend’

Writer Stephanie Nuzzo tried new dating app Ship. Picture: Supplied

Modern dating is like a multi-car pileup